Charity came to visit with Josie and Noelle. One of the activities we planned to do was baking and decorating cookies. Of course, they had to have aprons, right? So I made the girls each an apron.

I wanted to make the aprons a light pink color, but all I could find was obnoxious, bright yellow!

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Almost a year ago, Dave and I bought classes through The Great Courses. I had heard about them and it was a great deal. So I bought a photography class. I’ve only started (I think I’ve read the first lecture and a couple of books that were suggested.) But I am having so much fun! The main idea I got from one of the books was to “play” with your camera so that you can learn what it does. Even my little point and shoot Canon PowerShot does so much more than I thought!

So here are just a few pictures I took when we were driving home from Becky’s house. I was sad to be leaving, so to cheer myself up I brought out the camera and took photos of our rainy drive home. They turned out much better than I expected!

Dave driving

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Christmas Sewing

Lots of projects were created for Christmas. It was so much fun planning and creating gifts. A little busy trying to finish everything on time. A few poor decisions regarding shipping–I think I single-handedly supported the Post Office this December!

For Miles, I finished the Prince costume I started last fall. Sam says he has been having growing pains and was at the 80th percentile for height for his age at his last birthday. I’m hoping it will still fit him. The measurements I took were from several months ago.

Prince costume front view Prince costume

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Fisher Lass Sweater design in progress

I decided I would try my hand at designing some knitwear. Just for me…just for fun. But a sweater for an adult or even a child for that matter is a lot of work and would take a lot of time. So I decided to design for my American Girl doll and then I could make sweaters for my granddaughters’ dolls. Good plan, right?

At first I was going to make a cardigan. But in looking through books for ideas I decided on a fisherman’s sweater. I have a book called “Cables, Diamonds, Herringbone Secrets of Knitting Traditional Fishermen’s Sweaters”.

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Hedgehogs, Hats, and Pillowcases

I’ve been having lots of fun knitting and sewing lately, so I thought I’d take a minute to share what I’ve been doing.


Last September, Charity was out visiting and we went to three stores during the San Diego Yarn Crawl. At one of the stores we saw a knitted hedgehog. It was so cute! Charity talked me into buying the pattern. A couple of months ago a member of the San Diego North Coast Knitters Guild shared a hedgehog she had knit. Same pattern–way cute! So I decided to finally get the pattern out and knit a hedgehog. Or maybe three.

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