The Five Hour Little Black Dress – Beck

Last night, once the kids were in bed, I decided that yes, I really did need a new dress to wear to church today.   Five hours and two ignored Netflix movies later and this is what I had:


I had pre-washed a heavy black knit earlier in the day in the hopes that I would find time to sew (it is a wool knit that I ordered from Denver Fabrics on sale months ago.)  I wanted something with some shape, so I decided to start with Simplicity 2599.

Simplicity 2599

I loved the french bust darts, but have been envisioning a neckline that is high in the front and scooped in the back.  I figured that this was my chance.  After tracing out the pattern, I continued the line of the shirt approximately to knee length (estimated), drew the neckline up in the front (I actually think I took it a bit too high) and lowered it in the back.

I decided that I needed a stretchy but fast finish on the hems, and as I didn’t want to spend an hour trying to convert my serger over to do a coverstich, I decided to go for a rolled hem.  It isn’t perfect if you look too closely, but it does stretch if needed.  I am hoping it will hold up to wear.

I created a neckband that ties in the back for a bit of drama from some leftover scraps (this was about 12:30 at night, so I am just glad that it seems to have turned out – given the lateness, the lack of large mirrors and that the DH wasn’t available I was pretty much crossing my fingers).


Clearly this fabric wrinkles and should have gotten up to take pictures before church (nope, sorry too cold out) or ironed before going out after (sadly also didn’t happen – my bad…)


I like how the shaping in the bust turned out.  As I mentioned it the neck could be a bit lower in the front (it tends to bunch) and perhaps wider as the neckband brings everything in?


I am also considering going back and adding some vertical darts at the waistline in the back of the dress.  Thoughts?

Overall, I really think this turned out well – and is my first ever successful night before dress for church!  I think the original pattern sewed up really well and was a great jumping off point for my imagination.   This is a comfy but interesting dress that you couldn’t buy off the rack.  I think that I will definitely make something with this pattern again, maybe even the shirt that it is actually for – you never know.

Excuse the dirt below – I blame the kids…



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