Thoughts of Spring

Click here for more information about the Spring 2014 Pantone Fashion Color Report


The colors in Pantone’s 2014 Spring Fashion Color Report work perfectly with a sweater I already own, so I’m thinking about sewing some other wardrobe pieces to make a mini-spring wardrobe.  (Silly to base everything on a sweater?  Yeah, but you’ve go to work with what you’ve got.)  Maybe a skirt, sheath dress, and jacket.  Remember the fabric Becky gave us ages ago for the Chanel type jacket?  The colors are great for Spring so I’m going to go for it!  I’m planning to use Vogue pattern 7975 for the jacket and McCall’s pattern 5523 for the skirt.  For the sheath dress I’ll use the pattern modified for my burgundy wool dress.  Of course, I’ll need blouses, new shoes ….

Well, those are the plans for now.  What do you think?


Vogue 7975


McCall’s 5523


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