Easter Sewing

Being a long-distance Grandma, I look for opportunities to be a part of my grandchildren’s lives. A few years ago I started sewing Easter dresses for Jane and Mary. And now I also have Audrey and Britton and Miles and Josie to sew for. So I have to start early. Easter Sunday is April 20th this year and I’ve already finished and mailed off the Easter clothes!

Becky sent me a sketch of her desired design for Audrey.

design sketch

Following Becky’s design I used pieces from McCalls 6542 and 6783  and modified/added design details. I wasn’t sure if she would like it or if it would fit, so I made a test garment out of a wonderful turquoise fabric.


As you can see, Audrey tried it on as soon as it came in the mail and she loves it! So the test garment became the Easter dress.

Audrey button sleeve

For Britton I made a vest.


Jamie sent me a link to the dress Jane and Mary want. (Bodin Embroidered Smock Dress) Jamie is teaching Jane to embroider and so they will do some simple embroidery to embellish the dresses. These dresses were a bit of a challenge. I couldn’t find any patterns that were even remotely close to the design. Finally I ended up using a pajama pattern because the pjs have raglan sleeves and the picture looked like the dress did too. After a week of trial and error, lots of papers in the trash can and folded bits taped together I finally had a pattern. I had no idea if it would actually work so I made test dresses for my friend’s two daughters. Clare and Lexey are about the same ages as Jane and Mary. The girls tried on the dresses and they were so cute! (They even wore them to Church today!) I bought more fabric and came home and sewed up Jane’s and Mary’s dresses feeling more confident that they would look good.

Here are pictures of Jane’s dress:


Jane close-up

Jane back closeup

And Mary’s, which is the same pattern and fabric, just a different color:


For Miles I made a vest and tie:

Miles vest

Miles back

Miles tie

(Britton will have the same tie also. And Charity bought a dress for Josie.)

So that’s my Easter sewing….except for the dresses for the dolls. And maybe, just maybe, there will be time for something new for me!


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