15 Hats in 2015

One of the knitting podcasts that I have been listening to for several years is “Stash and Burn”.  They are hosting a hat knit-along this year.  The challenge:  to knit 15 hats in 2015.  Each month they are choosing a designer to feature, but the hats don’t have to be by that designer.  I thought it might be fun to knit some hats.

I knit a quick hat for Noelle.  It didn’t turn out as cute as the pattern…I made a mistake somewhere in the lace chart.  Sigh. In my poor defense, many of the projects on Ravelry look just like mine, instead of like the actual design.  I know, that’s really no excuse.

Noelle snowflake hat

It does fit her and it should be warm.  Charity just sent a picture of Noelle modeling her hat.

Noelle in snowflake hat

The next hat is up for grabs.  It is a free pattern by Wooly Wormhead called “Baby Rollin’ Beret”. It was not made for anyone in particular.  It should fit a baby head measuring 16″. I think it is really cute!

This is the back.

woolywormhead beret2

And this is the front view.  (Apologies for not having a live model)

Woolywormhead beret

I’m working on the hat by the designer featured in February. (I’m a month behind…Wooly Wormhead was the featured designer in January.)  I’ll post it next month.


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