Plaid Threads Challenge, Post #2

It has been a busy month. I finally found time to cut out the muslin for the jacket I’m going to make for the plaid matching Threads challenge from Issue #177.


According to the article in Threads, “The different-colored stripes in a plaid are called bars. Typically, one or more bars visually dominate a plaid. You may choose to highlight the dominant bar, or not. Plaid matching is simplest with a balanced plaid. In a balanced plaid, the bars form a pattern that repeats evenly in both directions, with the colors of the bars on both sides of the dominant bar matching, lengthwise and widthwise. In an unbalanced plaid, the patterns and colors vary on each side of the plaid’s dominant bar.” Hmmm. I decided I’d better study my fabric choice.


One way to determine the plaid type is to line up the plaid on the top and bottom layers of fabric and then fold the top layer back on itself at a 45-degree angle to the bottom layer. If the pattern forms a mirror image from layer to layer, the plaid is balanced.


Oh no! My plaid is definitely not balanced. Aarghh!! This will really be a challenge!


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