2015 Threads Challenge: Mixing Patterns

This challenge was taken from the September, 2015 Issue No. 180 of Threads Magazine.  This has been a very busy summer, so I am very late with this challenge.  I decided to combine Halloween costume sewing with the Threads challenge.   The article itself is called “Mixing Patterns”, but the teaser on the cover says “Pattern Grafting”.  It is a fun and useful article written by Laura Nash explaining how to combine purchased patterns to make a new design.  I used it to create the helmet for Batman.

These are the two patterns I combined:



I wanted the helmet part of the hat from McCalls 6665 and the bottom of the hood from Butterick 3238.  With a little trial and error I was able to successfully combine the patterns.


I chose black pleather for the top of the helmet and used the satiny polyester cape fabric for the bottom neck hood part. It was lined with the lighter weight fabric I used to line the cape. I wasn’t sure where the eye holes should go so I decided to make a separate mask that was attached with velcro and adjustable.





This was a very fun project. I plan to use the information in article, “Mixing Patterns” to make my own designs for clothing for me in the future.

Here is Miles in his Batman costume on the day it arrived. I think he was pleased with the results.


And here he is with his sisters ready for Halloween: Superheroes

Superheroes: Batman, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman (well… I think Catwoman was actually a villain)


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