Hedgehogs, Hats, and Pillowcases

I’ve been having lots of fun knitting and sewing lately, so I thought I’d take a minute to share what I’ve been doing.


Last September, Charity was out visiting and we went to three stores during the San Diego Yarn Crawl. At one of the stores we saw a knitted hedgehog. It was so cute! Charity talked me into buying the pattern. A couple of months ago a member of the San Diego North Coast Knitters Guild shared a hedgehog she had knit. Same pattern–way cute! So I decided to finally get the pattern out and knit a hedgehog. Or maybe three.


The pattern is called “Huggable Hedgehogs” by Debbie Radtke. I had to figure out a way to “felt” the hedgehog. I have tried an old fashioned washboard…it works but takes a long time and is a lot of work. I was thinking I needed something like a butter churn. Who knew? You can actually buy a butter churn. But they are kind of expensive so I settled on a hand washing device for camping.  (Very inexpensive)


It actually works really well. Here is a picture of my first attempt. IMG_0600

I found on later attempts that it works better in a bucket with more water so the knitting swishes around more. Here are some photos of the first hedgehog in progress:

IMG_0599 IMG_0602

As I knit each one I learned that the back (the part knitted holding wool and fun fur together) does not felt. So I knit the back more tightly. And I learned to felt better with each one. So the first turned out biggest. The next sort of middle sized and the last was smallest.


The hedgehogs were a gift to Becky’s children. Last I saw them Miss A had all three tucked in her bed and had named them Fuzzballs.


I found this adorable pattern for bunny hats and just had to make them for Charity’s girls for Easter. I know, wool hats in March/April are probably not a good idea. I made them out of Cascade Yarns Pacific which is mostly acrylic and just part wool, so maybe they won’t be too warm (?) They were just too cute to pass up.

The pattern is The Funny Bunny Hat by Angie Watson. Here is the link to the Ravelry pattern page.  I just mailed the hats off today so I don’t have pictures of the girls wearing them.

N bunny hat side N bunny hat

J bunny hat J bunny hat

I can hardly wait for photos!


For Sam’s children I made pillowcases. They were quick and easy and so fun! I hope the kids will enjoy them.

Batman pillowcase old time transportation



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