Summer Catch Up, Part 1

I don’t know where the time goes. I always mean to keep up with the blog, but life gets in the way. So once again, we have a catch-up post.

Early this summer Sam and family started on a cross-country tour of US National Parks. Jane, having just finished fourth grade, had a free pass good for the family to all the National Parks–a perk for Fourth Graders due to this being the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service. Naturally, the kids earned Junior Ranger badges at each of the parks they visited. By the time they got out here they had a sackful. Somehow it was decided that they needed a vest to pin all the badges on and by the time they left I had measurements and instructions for design and color. While they were here we visited Cabrillo National Monument and they earned another badge.

I didn’t have time to sew the vests because they were only here a few days. But I finished them as soon as I could and sent them off.

Jane Mary


I was tickled to find this Route 66 fabric to be the lining since they had stayed in the cement tee-pees along Route 66 on their way out here.


After they left our house they drove up the coast to visit Becky and both families went to Alcatraz and then camped in Yosemite. Of course they earned more badges. And Audrey earned her first two, so she needed a vest too!


Here’s a photo of the badge covered vests:

J,M,M wearing vests


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