Christmas Sewing

Lots of projects were created for Christmas. It was so much fun planning and creating gifts. A little busy trying to finish everything on time. A few poor decisions regarding shipping–I think I single-handedly supported the Post Office this December!

For Miles, I finished the Prince costume I started last fall. Sam says he has been having growing pains and was at the 80th percentile for height for his age at his last birthday. I’m hoping it will still fit him. The measurements I took were from several months ago.

Prince costume front view Prince costume

When I asked Charity what Josie and Noelle would like for Christmas, she said that Noelle really likes her baby doll. We decided a new baby doll would be just the thing. She said that Josie probably wouldn’t really want a doll, but when she saw Noelle’s she would want one, too, and that they don’t share well. (Hmmm. I got to thinking. My sister and I always got the same things for Christmas. Maybe we didn’t share well either.) I decided to make baby doll blankets to go with the dolls.

doll blankets

Josie’s is hedgehogs.

hedgehog doll blanket

And Noelle’s is bunnies.

bunny doll blanket

I was thinking that the girls might enjoy caring for their new “babies” which ended in a search for diaper bags and all that goes in them. I found a great resource online at            the DIY Mommy

doll diaper bags

Of course, diaper bags need to be filled with baby wipes, a changing pad, and diapers.

doll diaper bag filled

doll baby wipes doll changing pad

baby doll diapers diaper bag contents

diaper bag 2 conents

For Audrey I made a stuffed animal.  All I had on hand was cheetah fur leftover from Mary’s cheetah Halloween costume from a year or two ago. So I made a “cheetah-horse”. She loved it.

Audrey's cheetah horse

cheetah horse cheetah horse 2

Audrey also asked me to make her a dress. She drew a picture of exactly what she wanted.

Audrey's drawing

She wanted flowers and she wanted it long with the hem longer in the back. Here’s how it turned out.

Audrey's dress front view

Audrey's dress side view Audrey's dress collar

Audrey's dress photobombed

Audrey tried it on as soon as it arrived. She wore it to Church on Christmas. Audrey's dress

For Grandma I knit a lap blanket. She also loves it and has told me countless times how much she is enjoying it. Grandma is definitely knitworthy!

blocking blanket blanket

The last Christmas sewing (which was probably the first I started, since it took several weeks to complete) were these sachets made as Christmas gifts for all the sisters who work with me at the temple. I bought an embroidery design of the San Diego temple and bought lavender to fill the sachets.

temple sachet close up temple sachets

I think that is it. I had so much fun sewing and knitting gifts this Christmas. I already have some requests going forward: Sam wants cleaning cloths for his saxophone and Charity has requested aprons for the girls since they have instituted Friday baking afternoons at their house.


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