Almost a year ago, Dave and I bought classes through The Great Courses. I had heard about them and it was a great deal. So I bought a photography class. I’ve only started (I think I’ve read the first lecture and a couple of books that were suggested.) But I am having so much fun! The main idea I got from one of the books was to “play” with your camera so that you can learn what it does. Even my little point and shoot Canon PowerShot does so much more than I thought!

So here are just a few pictures I took when we were driving home from Becky’s house. I was sad to be leaving, so to cheer myself up I brought out the camera and took photos of our rainy drive home. They turned out much better than I expected!

Dave driving


These are the beautiful hills driving past Gilroy on the Pacheco Pass. hills #1

Hills #3 hills #2

rain Pacheco pass

If you look closely you can see the rain on the windshield. I tried to get a picture of the windshield wiper, but never got the timing right.

Pacheco pass

The lake has been so low the last few years, it was wonderful to see all the water.

Lake #2

lake #3 lake #1

Once we got over the pass and onto I-5, the rain stopped and the scenery was not as exciting, so I put away the camera and pulled out my knitting.


There was some snow as we reached the Grapevine. (Far away…) highway #2

I like this one: look closely and you’ll see me and my pink camera in the side mirror.

side view mirror

This last picture from our trip is trying to show the traffic in LA. The camera doesn’t see what I see and I was frustrated trying to show how many cars were on the road. traffic

This next picture was taken with my Nikon D-SLR. I had just read about stopping the action and it was raining. So I tried different settings to stop the drips from the roof.


And just because it is beautiful, here is a photo of our tree in bloom. tree in bloom #3

And a close-up of the blossoms.

close up #2


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