Charity came to visit with Josie and Noelle. One of the activities we planned to do was baking and decorating cookies. Of course, they had to have aprons, right? So I made the girls each an apron.

I wanted to make the aprons a light pink color, but all I could find was obnoxious, bright yellow!


I found a tutorial on instructables.com for a chef apron.  I  modified the size of the child apron to better fit Josie and Noelle.


There are casings on the sides of the front through which you thread the tie. It is really a clever way to make the aprons completely adjustable.

Here I’m stitching down the casing.


I made really long ties.  (I wasn’t sure how big the girls were.  Later I shortened them a little, since they threaded through the casings, around the neck, and could wrap around their middles a couple of time before tying them!)

To personalize the aprons I embroidered a piece of cake and above the cake the words “Food Heaven” (what Charity  calls our kitchen) and then below the cake “Chef Josie” or “Chef Noelle”.  Here I’m just beginning to embroider the piece of cake.


[long pause — I just looked through all the photos on both cameras. I thought for sure I had taken a picture of the aprons on the dress form so you could actually see the embroidery. But, no. . . I did not. Sigh]

[note: husband to the rescue! Here’s a photo of both girls my husband took. Thank you!]

Josie and Noelle in aprons

The aprons worked well. Josie had lots of fun decorating the cookies.


And Noelle had lots of fun eating them.



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