Charity came to visit with Josie and Noelle. One of the activities we planned to do was baking and decorating cookies. Of course, they had to have aprons, right? So I made the girls each an apron. I wanted to make the aprons a light pink color, but all I could find was obnoxious, bright […]


Almost a year ago, Dave and I bought classes through The Great Courses. I had heard about them and it was a great deal. So I bought a photography class. I’ve only started (I think I’ve read the first lecture and a couple of books that were suggested.) But I am having so much fun! […]

Christmas Sewing

Lots of projects were created for Christmas. It was so much fun planning and creating gifts. A little busy trying to finish everything on time. A few poor decisions regarding shipping–I think I single-handedly supported the Post Office this December! For Miles, I finished the Prince costume I started last fall. Sam says he has […]